BubbleTealicious.com is the future site of an up-and-coming bubble tea franchise. Competing with existing franchise businesses such as: Tapioca Express, Tenren Tea Station, Lollicup, Boba Loca, Boba World, and others, Bubble Tealicious will strive to provide a unique trendy, yet contemporary atmosphere for it’s valued customers. Serving premium bubble tea drinks, snacks, tart frozen yogurt (similar to Pinkberry or Yogurt World) with fresh fruit, fresh fruit smoothies, and shaved ice, it will become “the hangout” for the younger generation. We are currently finalizing plans for investors and qualified franchisees. We have already selected Boba Tea Direct as our source for bubble tea supplies. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this bubble tea franchise, please contact us.

Big Train Fruit Tea Blast (32 fl oz) – Mango Madness

32 fl. oz. carton (yields 8 – 16 oz. drinks / carton)

Always in season, Big Train’s Fruit Tea Blast actually contains an entire pound of fruit per container. This nonfat smoothie concentrate fuses the flavors of nature with science. Delightfully blended with green and black teas, with added Vitamin C. For an even creamier blend add a scoop of Big Train’s Ultimate Smoothie Mix!

Served COLD

For Fruit Smoothie: Mix 4 oz. of Fruit Tea Blast with 4 oz. of water & 16 oz. ice. Blend until smooth & top with whipped cream.

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